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Hi, friend! I'm Allyson.

Most days you'll find me drinking coffee in comfy sweatshirts with no makeup on and chillin' with my pets. I'm mostly known as the positive girl and I'm always trying to find ways to encourage and uplift. Kindness is my jam and gift giving is my favorite! My main mission in life is to encourage others and let them know how loved they are, because I believe there is power in lifting others up, and I'm grateful that the Lord has appointed me to this creative way of living. He has shown me so much grace and kindness and it is my goal to show that same grace and kindness to those around me.

I create products here for the everyday girl, and I'm obsessed with designing cute and quirky phrases that are funny, sweet, and inspiring. Also, you'll find a lot of food related designs here because I just really love coffee, tacos and donuts. 

I started Printable Happies ( Now Shop Happies as of June 2018 ) in 2016 but my creative journey began in 2010. I'm totally self employed and I've never worked a job in the public. I had a passion for creativity and I just went after it. No regrets! I absolutely love what I do, but I must say that connecting with people through the years is the best part of it all. 

When I'm not working or making art, you can catch me reading books, introverting or having fun at photo shoots with my sister in law. I have a sweet tea addiction during the spring/summer months and my favorite thing to do is pick one up and just go driving with music turned all the way up! 

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