About Shop Happies

shop happies
Hi, friend! I'm Allyson, but you can call me Ally!
I'm a coffee loving, introverted gal born and raised in Tennessee, follower of Jesus, and a creative artist, designer, illustrator.
I started my creative business journey when I was 16, in 2010! It's been a crazy fun and exciting journey.
My art style can be summed up in three words: quirky. fun. whimsical. I create with a lot of color and love making patterns and hand lettered artwork. All designs you see here at Shop Happies are hand lettered or hand drawn. 
In 2016, I started a sweet little printable art shop on Etsy, creating hand drawn and hand lettered artwork. In 2018, I changed the name to Shop Happies and set up shop right here. 
I'm all about making simple things beautiful, fun, and unique. I create printable art with the everyday girl in mind, designing with style and flair. 
My main goals are to create art that glorifies my creator, to encourage people with my art, to design products that bring color, joy, and laughter to people's everyday lives!  Sign up for the Shop Happies email list to become an insider + receive 20% off your first purchase. Click here to sign up and stay in the loop!