Where to get picture frames on a budget

"Allyyyyy, where the heck can I get picture frames on a budget?!?"⁣

I get questions like this allll the time! Here's my answer below...

Where to get picture frames on a budget - shop happies home decor blog
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I get a lot of my frames at Hobby Lobby + Target BUT my favorite place to hunt for frames is...⁣


Yep. Some of my favorite frames on my gallery wall are frames I got at Goodwill! Some were even still brand new. I've found high quality, frame shop style frames along with well known brands like Ikea, hobby lobby, target, alllll at the thrift store!

You can find some really cute, really unique and basic frames at your local thrift store. I encourage you to take a trip and see what you can find! It might take some digging, but here's a quick tip for making that easier:

Keep some photos on your phone of the type of frames you're looking for. That way, when you're out shopping you'll know EXACTLY what kind of frames you're on the hunt for.⁣


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