Trusting God with your business: Encouragement for online business owners

I've been a creative entrepreneur for 9 years, and I can say that I've had really great seasons and really low seasons in the biz. It's risky, it's exciting, and I've truly had to learn how to trust God with everything. I still battle with worry, but God keeps reminding me of how He's been faithful to me in the past.
It's easy to feel good about your business when it's doing really well, but when it's struggling and you don't know what's next? That's HARD. If you've ever been in a hard season like that or are in one right now, I want you to know that you are truly not alone. 
Whenever I get in a worrying rut, God reminds me of these 3 simple truths:

He is my source, He knew this time would come, and He will provide.

Whenever you're in a season of struggle, take time to remember how God has taken care of you in the past. When I do this, it always calms my anxious heart and brings me peace.
You see, I like to know what to expect in life, but when you run a business sometimes you never know what’s next...But God? He knows what’s next and He has a plan, so put your hope in him. Put your hope in him alone.
There will be good times and difficult times but God, your God, has got you in the palm of his hand, sister friend. He’s brought you this far and I believe He’s gonna carry you through, just like He’s done before.
My challenge for you: Remember God. Remember how He's taken care of you in the past. After all, you did make it here to this very moment. xoxo
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