How I get out of a creative funk

Have you ever had one of those days ( or weeks! ) where it seems like all your creative has gone MIA? It always seems to happen right when you want to be creative the most and make something new, which then leaves you frustrated and thinking you'll never make anything new again.

I've been in that place many times when creating new designs for the shop, and I'm sure I will again in the future since I create stuff for a living. Lately, I've been thinking about how we can get out of the dreaded creative funk and start to move forward again. Let's dive right in!

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1. Take a social media break

Whether you use social media for work or just for fun, taking a break from it can be so helpful in getting out of your creative rut. For me personally, I can get overwhelmed so easily if I'm on social media too much, which then leads to my creativity going out the window. The solution? Just take a break from looking at social media for a while. Whether that be an hour, a day or a week, do what you need to do to refocus.

2. Learn to rest

This is so simple yet so hard to do! I've learned that I cannot force creativity. When I'm tired, I've learned I just need to listen to my body and rest. Rest is not a sin and it is necessary for your health, and your creativity! Try to take one day off a week to recharge. Step away from the computer or the studio or your sketchbook and just rest, friend.

3. Get Inspired

This is a fun one for me! I love to look through magazines, Pinterest, and even go into stores to take a break and get re-inspired. I promise you, inspiration is everywhere. I've gone into stores before just to look around and left with several new ideas in my brain. So, go out and explore. Make a new Pinterest board. Go to the book store to look through some magazines. Inspiration is out there!

I hope these tips were helpful to you! These are just a few of the ways I have found that help me personally get out of a funk. 

Remember, you can't force creativity and you need to take breaks, and that's okay! Don't feel ashamed for not having any good ideas at the time. Trust me, they will come at the right time, they always do! :)

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