Do your Best, Trust God, Rest

A few weeks ago, I remember one night in particular. I was trying to go to sleep but thoughts about the future and different fears kept me awake. I prayed about it, but it was like I just couldn't let go of control.

In that moment, I felt like God had said to me " You know, you can go to sleep, I got this."

I've learned something since then. I've learned that we can only do so much every single day, ya know? We try to keep so many things in our hands when God is right there, ready and willing to carry our burdens for us.

So if you've been feeling overwhelmed with life, have fear of the future, or if you're a recovering worrywart like me, I have three things I want to remind you to do every day, every week, every month. Ready?

1. Do your best

Do your best at everything you do. Ask God to give you the strength to do your best work/service each day. Ask him to help you be the best you today. Whatever it is you do, work at it with your whole heart. Maybe you're a mama, a business owner or a college student. Whatever it is, God has gifted you with the ability to do this, so honor him by doing your best you can do.

2. Trust God

Next, trust God to take care of you even when you can't see the whole picture yet. Maybe you're battling with fear of the future because you don't how you're going to pay your bills next month. Maybe you're single and you're afraid you'll never get married. I don't know your situation, but I do know God is faithful. Something that helps me when I'm dealing with fear of the future is remembering how God has taken care of me in the past. When I look back on his faithfulness, It reminds me that he has never abandoned me. He won't abandon you either, friend.

3. Rest

This is such an important thing to do, but I feel like a lot of us feel "lazy" for not working or not being on the go all the time. Friend, you need rest so you can recharge and be your best you. You need rest so you can do your best work. There are times when we do have to hustle and get things done, but we need to rest, too. It's essential for our health and it's a way to say "God, my life is in your hands, not mine, I trust you to take care of me."

So, friend. Do your best and be your best you. Trust God to take care of you and guide you and remember to rest and let him have it all. God is faithful and he's right by your side. Pray this prayer with me:

"God, thank you for your faithfulnessfaithfulness. Thank you for your provision and for never leaving my side. Help me to do my best today and everyday after. Give me strength to do what I need to do today. I choose to trust you today and I will not bow down to fear. When it's time for me to rest, help me to give up all control and trust that you're working even when I'm not. In Jesus name, Amen."

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