5 ways to give coffee mugs as gifts

I'm coffee mug obsessed and I'm always having to make room for new ones in my cabinets. Sometimes I even drink orange juice out of mugs! I know, I know, mugs are for *hot* drinks, so they say.

Not only do I consider myself a mug lady, but gift giving coffee mugs is my favorite. Why? Because a coffee mug is something everyone can use. Plus, picking out a mug with a fun design for my family members or friends that I know will work just for them makes it even better! 

With all that said, I wanted to give you some gift giving ideas! Below are 5 creative ways to give mugs as gifts. I'll have to come back to this post myself when its time to bless somebody. Are you ready? Here's number 1...

1. Make a cozy gift set

Pick out a cute, cozy themed mug and stuff it with warm gloves, chapstick, socks, etc. Anything small that's a winter must have would be perfect for this kind of gift set! Wrap it in clear wrapping and tie it with a fun bow and you're ready to give!

2. Birthday Box

This one just might be my favorite. Find a cute box in your persons favorite color and fill it with some crinkle paper ( and maybe some glitter! ) Place a mug in there, possibly birthday themed like this one, and add in a few of their favorite things! Think about what your person likes. Does she like lipstick, nail polish, sweet treats, gifts cards, jewelry? The possibilities are endless with this kind of gift.

3. Couples Gift Set

Are you friends with a super rad couple that love coffee? Find each of them a mug that fits with each of their personalities and put them together in a gift basket with their favorite bag of coffee. ( or tea! )

4. Fill With Candy

Oh girl, I LOVE this idea. This could work for friends, siblings, kids or classmates. Pick out a mug, then fill with your persons favorite candy in a clear bag. Stuff the bag inside the mug then tie with a cute bow. How easy, right?!

5. Pajama Set

This is perfect for the person that loves a night in! Find a cute pajama set in their size and tie it up all pretty with twine or ribbon. Next, find some cozy slippers, maybe a blanket. Then, put a few packs of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea in a mug, wrap in clear wrapping and you're done! Put all these cozy things in a gift bag or box.

Thanks for reading! 

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