3 ways to help make your home feel fresh for spring

Spring is on it's way, do you know what that means?! It means it's time to clean up, clear out, and decorate for the spring months ahead. To help make the transition into this season a little easier, I have 3 simple tips below to inspire you and motivate you. Keep on reading!

3 tips for decorating your home this spring - Shop Happies home decor blog

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1. Add in some greenery

Greenery can instantly make a space feel fresher and ready for spring time! I only use fake plants (mainly because the cat tries to eat real ones) and I love them. There are a ton of realistic looking, fake plants out there. my favorite places to get them are TjMaxx and Target.

2. Get rid of clutter

I love spring cleaning, probably a little too much! Take some time to get rid of anything you're no longer using or need and to organize what you're keeping. This blanket ladder pictured above from Wayfair is perfect for keeping blankets off the furniture and in one place when not in use. Plus it looks way cute too!⁣

3. Change up the wall art⁣

Give your walls an update and refresh by switching out your wall art for the season. You can do this easily and affordably with one simple trick: ⁣

Keep the frames you have, and switch out the prints in the frames. The trick? Save your prints you're not displaying BEHIND the new print IN the frame.

This keeps all your prints in one place and when you're ready to switch them around again, you'll know right where they are and won't have to wonder where you put them.⁣ Score!

These tips are easy, simple things you can do today. As for the wall art, I got the hook up! Use the code BUY3GET1 on www.shophappies.com to get 4 printable prints for the price of 3! Click here to shop the wall art.


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