3 Ways To Give T Shirts As Gifts

There's just something about a fun and cute graphic tee. Most people I know have several of them because they all have a message or a design that speaks personally to them. For me, I love shirts that say things like "dog mom" or "cat mom" because well, that's what I am! and also, coffee shirts because I love coffee!

Who do you know that you could gift a t shirt too? I wanted to help you by giving you some ideas on how you can gift them to your people. Here are 3 ways you can give t shirts as gifts:

1. Make a "favorite things" gift box

Example, if the person you're shopping for loves all things coffee and cozy, make a gift box with a coffee themed t shirt, cozy slippers, cute pajama bottoms, a mug and a bag of coffee. The key is to think on what they truly love the most, and you can make the best gift box based on what they already love!

 2. Create an "outfit in a bag"

If you know your persons sizes for everything, you can pick out a super cute shirt with a design they'd love, a new pair of pants and some cute shoes and jewelry to match. Put all these things in a cute gift bag and then boom! You just gifted them a new outfit! 

3. Surprise them by sending a tee in the mail

This is a fun one! I love to send t shirts to my friends for no reason. It amazes me how something as simple as a t shirt can brighten someones whole day. What to do: Think about the person you want to send a shirt too and think about all the things you know they love. If they love dogs, send them a dog themed shirt. If they're a mama, send them a shirt with a mom quote. There's so many possibilities! The key is to think about what they truly love, then find a shirt that matches that. Then, every time they wear the shirt you gave them, they'll be reminded of your kindness and it'll bring joy to their days all over again! 

I hope these tips have given you some new creative ideas for gift giving! I love gift giving so much and I hope these tips helped you, too.

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