3 Things I Love To Do On Days Off

Ahh, days off. Even though I love what I do and work from home, it's so nice to have a day to just do what I want with no agenda. I firmly belief we need at least one day a week that's considered a "day off".

Whether you can take a day off during the week or the weekend, it doesn't matter. All that matters is you take a day off to rest and clear your head. 

In this blog post, I wanted to share with you three simple things I love to do on days off that really just bring me joy. You may even want to try these yourself, too! Ya ready?

1. Put On Face Masks

Y'all. Face masks are my new favorite thing to do when I have some extra free time! About once a week, I'll take the time to put on a face mask ( favorite right now: Mary Kay Charcoal Mask! ) and it's just so good for my soul. I feel refreshed afterwards and it kind of forces me to slow down in life. Even though I could multitask with a mask on, I try to just sit still. Not always easy, Haha!

2. Go To Antique Stores

This is something I usually do with my mama occasionally, usually on Saturdays! I never really go to thrift stores, but antique stores? I'm so there. One of my favorite things I've found at an antique store is an old, gorgeous brown suitcase. 

3. Getting Lunch by myself

I'm single, so I'm by myself a lot of the time. I used to hate eating by myself at restaurants because I always thought "People probably think I'm so lonely and weird" but I've learned that's not the case. By eating by myself, I'm able to enjoy my food and just chill out without being rushed. Plus, I get a whole dessert to myself so that's always a win in my book. ;)

What's something you like to do on days off? Take some time to think about what you truly like to do, then find time to do them this week!

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